The Gorgon (1964)

A little while ago I picked up a blu-ray from the bin with dodgy movies in a local store that had an interesting cover. After watching it and reading about it, I learned that it was from a company called Hammer Film Productions. A new love was born.

Now here I'm again, watching another dodgy looking blu-ray from the same company telling the story of Megaera. As it seems a sister from Medusa, wreaking havoc in the English countryside by murdering innocent strangers and turning them into stone. And the movie even stars two of my favorite actors, namely Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. What a treat!

I haven't really watched that many Hammer movies so far, so I can't really compare this one to all the other horror movies they've made. But this one pretty decent. The story is pretty simplistic with not that much going on and the big twist at the end can be seen from miles away. But it's all presented in a very pleasing way. Elaborate Gothic set designs with this typical 60s era look. A fun monster, although Megaera's costume doesn't look that convincing. Christopher Lee playing the professor, trying the find what is causing the murders. And Peter Cushing shining as a mysterious doctor. And when I saw Patrick Troughton (of Doctor Who) walking onto the set I even jumped from the couch in excitement. It really is a stellar cast.

So in the end, when the credits rolled by, I felt a little bit sad that all that production value went to waste on such a simple plot. The Gorgon gives you 90 very entertaining minutes. But it does so by giving you cool stuff the look at, not by telling a good story. Anyway, I can't wait to see what else Hammer has to offer.

Score: 6/10

Title: The Gorgon
Year: 1964
Genre: Horror
Duration: 1h 32min
Directed by: Terence Fisher
Starring: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Richard Pasco

When his father Professor Jules Heitz and brother Bruno die under mysterious circumstances, Paul Heitz travels to a small town to determine what is going on. It's the early 1900s and he finds villagers who are wary of strangers and apparently live in fear, particularly when there is a full moon. He hears of the legend of Megaera, a Gorgon so hideous that to look at her will turn you to stone. Of particular interest to him are Dr. Namaroff and his attractive assistant Carla Hoffman. Namaroff is obviously hiding something and is very possessive of Carla, who suffers from blackouts and memory loss. With the help of his mentor, Professor Karl Meister, Paul tries to unlock the secrets around them.

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