The Beast With A Million Eyes (1955)

Sometimes when you start watching a movie, you known within minutes how it’s going to end. ‘The Beast With A Million Eyes’ is such a case, and than some. Not does it only explain the entire plot of the movie during the opening, it also shatters an illusion. If you have picked up the movie after grabbing out of the garbage bin being intrigued by its title in the hope to see some horrific mutated alien monster with a million eyes…. yeah, you won’t. I won’t spoil the explanation for the million eyes, as it is the most hilarious thing this movie has going for it. But you won’t have to watch the movie for it that long for it to find out. Yep, it’s also explained in the opening.

The entire movie feels cheap, very cheap, and there is probably a very easy explanation for it. Uncredited director Roger Corman had signed a contract for a three movie deal with the studio for a fixed budget. And this was the third one, so there wasn’t that much left in the coin department. The into a spaceship converted teapot is probably proof of it. It all makes the movie a pain to watch until the end.

I still had the faint hope that, even though completely spoiled at the beginning, the story, along with the acting would make watching it worthwhile. But alas, a cheap budget gets you cheap actors and writers who deliver cheap results. Often, doing things on a budget, gives these movies the kind of charm and campyness that I enjoy and are the reason why I continue watching these monster movies from this era. But with ‘The Beast With A Million Eyes’ I kept longing for a press on the stop button on the remote. Only with sheer determination did I made it to the end. So this one, is truly for the die-hard fan of corny b-movies.


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Year: 1955
Genre: Horror /Sci-Fi
Duration: 1h 15minutes
Director: David Kramarsky
With: Paul Birch, Lorna Thayer, Dona Cole

An alien space craft lands in the desert. The alien takes over the minds of some of the local humans and animals and is able to see through them. The animals attack and the terror begins.

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