Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

A change for once. No big list of all the music and movies I consumed the last year as a sort of "closing statement" for the year 2017. But a simple, short, look back.

It was another year filled with awesome concert visits, with Kreator, Geojira, Devin Townsend, Vuur and Epica to name a few, and the Ayreon Universe Experience as the absolute highlight. What an amazing show, truly an experience that will last a lifetime and still gives me goosebumps thinking back to it. And lets not forget another edition of Dynamo Metal Fest with my old man, as it's always fun to headbang and enjoy great tunes and booze with your dad.

Personally the last year in music was also eventful with a handful of pretty decent concerts. Not always going as smoothly as I had hoped, but if everything went perfect, life would be boring as hell. Also, I finally stepped up and decided to take a more active role within the orchestra and joined the music committee. Sure, I still have lot to learn and the past 7 months I've been mainly looking around and making notes and targets for myself for the upcoming year. So I'm really looking forward to what the next year is going to bring.

Job-wise there were again some pretty cool big projects in the last year. We wrapped up the Exchange 2013 to Exchange Online migration and moved our entire data center to a new location. At the same time we changed our entire backbone concept and implemented a new disaster recovery and backup solution to go along with it. So, shout out to Veeam for being an awesome, reliable and flexible backup solution. You guys make having to implement these kinds of projects and changes a breeze.

Anyway, to end the year, a thanks to all the family, friends and coworkers, who created another year filled with 365 awesome episodes of The Greatest Show On Earth. You are the best!

Eranum Written by:

Geek, Weeb, Metalhead, Tuba Player & Couchpotato. That pretty much sums me up. Although some people also call me 'Party', 'Gargamel' and 'The Listmaster'. Anyhow, that's me, 40 years old and crazy enough to write about all kinds of crap. My music taste you ask? That's simple: True Skaro Wookie-Fronted Klingon Metal. As long as it's loud. Rock and geek on!

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