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I listen to a shit ton of music every month. As a distraction from rowdy co-workers and all the noise at my workplace, or in the background when chilling in the evening with a good glass of beer or whiskey. Ans as variety is the spice of life, each month I’ll try to check out a new band recommended to me by and see if I like them or not based on their first record. This month’s recommendation: 

Circus Maximus 

Record: The 1st Chapter
Year:  2005
Genre: Power/Progressive Metal
Recommended because off: Vandan Plas, Ayreon and Beyond Twilight 

There are days when you can just kick yourself somewhere where it really hurts for not discovering something way earlier. That was how I felt after the first playthrough of Circus Maximus’ first record. Why the hell didn’t I listen to these guys before? 

Anyhow, the record opens with the song Sin which has some killer groovy riffs going on and a very well written solo in the middle. It immediately made my neck muscles want to move. This just fucking rocks! Next up was Alive with has some fun Ayreon sounding spacy synthesizer in the background and another great solo. I slowly start to wonder if these guys can even write bad music? 

In the six tracks that follow I can only come to one conclusion, they can’t. This record is filled to the brim with awesomeness. With supreme vocals and amazing range, Michael Eriksen’s singing keeps you captivated from beginning till end. Heck, the work of every member keeps your ears pointed towards the speaker, dying for more. It just never lets up. 

And oh boy, that last track. The title track. Think of all the great parts from all the previous songs on the record intertwined, merged into something cosmic. Slowly building up towards an explosive eargasm. If you should listen to a song. Pick this one and you’ll know what Circus Maximus is all about. Do mind though that the symphonic background track sounds a bit to computer generated. But apart from that, awesome stuff!

Score: 9/10 

Eranum Written by:

Geek, Weeb, Metalhead, Tuba Player & Couchpotato. That pretty much sums me up. Although some people also call me 'Party', 'Gargamel' and 'The Listmaster'. Anyhow, that's me, 40 years old and crazy enough to write about all kinds of crap. My music taste you ask? That's simple: True Skaro Wookie-Fronted Klingon Metal. As long as it's loud. Rock and geek on!

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