Book Review: Headlong Flight

Title: Headlong Flight
Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Author: Dayton Ward 
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Surveying a nebula as part of their continuing exploration of the previously uncharted “Odyssean Pass,” Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise encounter a rogue planet. Life signs are detected on the barren world’s surface, and then a garbled message is received: a partial warning to stay away at all costs. Determined to render assistance, Picard dispatches Commander Worf and an away team to investigate, but their shuttlecraft is forced to make an emergency landing on the surface – moments before all contact is lost and the planet completely disappears.

There have been a lot of books, telling new stories about my favorite characters. A lot of those adventures are, well, just fine. They are a fun read for a rainy Sunday afternoon. But sometimes, after you’ve turned the last page, there is only one conclusion. “Man, would I have loved to see this on the screen”. Headlong Flight is one such story.

Trying not to get to much into spoiler territory, it’s the alternate reality aspect that makes it such a fun read. And this time around, it also isn’t the so much explored Mirror Universe. After watching Marvel’s What If…? recently, I had already wondered how cool it would be to see a Star Trek counterpart. In a very small way Headlong Flight does that. But as it also bumps those alternate realities against each other. Creating an even richer story. This gives the characters we know and love, not only the extra dimension of having different backstories. It also explorers the emotional impact of them seeing long lost friends.

So all in all. If you loved an episode like TNG season 7’s Parallels, and want to read a fun twist on alternate realities. Pickup a copy, and give Headlong Flight a read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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