The Black Room (2017)

Normally I quite enjoy a horror movie exploring the occult, but oh boy, was I wrong selecting The Black Room when Netflix recommended it.

Well, you could categorize this movie as horror, but only because the plot, special effects and acting are truly horrendous. Story wise it’s like they just plotted out some scenes to show an occasional boob or some “suggestive” act. The scene where our demon possessed main character is literally fingering a cup of coffee brought tears to my eyes. It all gets so silly that halfway into the movie you just can’t stop laughing, And somehow, I don’t think that it’s the intended response the director was going for.

In the special effects department it’s not great either. Yes, there are a few pretty decent looking make-up effects and the demons costume looks not to shabby. Just a bit bland and not very original. And gory wise it gets pretty good at the end. But most of the time the execution of the effects are horrible. There where even some CGI effects that didn’t moved along with the shaky shot. Even the Asylum movies do a better job at that.

No, honestly, I can’t really point out anything exceptionally good about The Black Room. Well, it did get some laughs out of me, so the evening wasn’t entirely wasted I guess.

Score: 3/10

Title: The Black Room
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Duration: 1h 31min
Director: Rolfe Kanefsky
With: Natasha Henstridge, Lukas Hassel, Lin Shaye

A young couple moves into the house of their dreams which quickly becomes a living nightmare when they discover a dark secret awaiting them in the cellar. It has been locked up for years, trapped inside “The Black Room” and it wants out now! A demon who seduces with unholy pleasures, feeds off fear, and violently kills all who cross its’ path.

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